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Trace Minerals, Things Just Keep Getting Better


It’s been nearly 25 years now, since they published my findings, about trace minerals, in the November 1985 Issue of Pet Age Magazine.  Since that time, We have come to realize that a lack of micronutrients has played a tremendous role in the development of modern day diseases. Even worse, I have a sinking feeling that we are really just seeing, the “tip of the iceberg”.

It is obvious that the roots of many of the physical diseases we are seeing today, are firmly entrenched in the nutritionally deficient soils our foodstuffs are “grown” in. Sure, vegetables today grow large with thick skins, bright colors and long shelf life, however, they are lacking some simple natural ingredients, mainly, the trace minerals that our bodies desperately need to function as they were designed to.

The “farming industry’s” business sense tells them, people buy vegetables like they buy their cars because of their looks. People buy, large, brightly colored produce that has no blemishes and seems to stay “fresh” longer. So the “industry” has geared their factory farming techniques to produce just that type of produce. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that the product they’re selling has all the nutrients (and even the taste) that “wax fruit” offers…zero, zilch, nada.

It also doesn’t seem to matter to them that their chemical fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers and other “scorched earth” techniques have stripped the soil of the desperately needed, natural vitamins and health sustaining trace minerals. The “bottom line” is that these ruthless methods make it easier to produce cosmetically improved food stuffs that store longer, are safer to ship and have the shelf life (and all of the nutrition) of a plaster clown at a thrift store.

As you admire the size of that melon or the color of those egg plants you need to be aware that micronutrient deficiencies are causing worldwide diseases in people and animals. These trace minerals are critical elements that direct important bodily functions They are the very keys that allow other vitamins, nutrients and supplements, to pass through the cell membrane to enhance the production of energy and oxygen for the body to use to help fight off disease.

Since my initial exploration of the possible uses of micronutrients in the late 70’s and early 80’s, a remarkable amount of painstaking academic research has been completed on this natural, calcium enriched clay, montmorillanite natural, hydrothermally  trace mineral, created by the earth.


ION-MIN, a natural, premium Calcium Montmorillonite of extreme fine-particle size

N.A.S.A.’s Manned Space Center, funded a study by Cal Tech Scientist, Dr. Benjamin H. Ershoff. It seems our Astronauts were developing bone density loss and rapid onset osteoporosis due to the long periods they spent in zero gravity on extended space flights. Led by Dr. Ershoff, N.A.S.A.’s scientists conducted extensive studies on calcium related compounds including the  ION-MIN compound (that is the heart of NUTRAMIN). These comprehensive tests included studies of animals who were experiencing calcium reduction similar to space conditions.

Their studies proved that consuming NUTRAMIN actually increased bone density and muscle tissue; whereas those that were given a typical calcium supplement showed no improvement of the bone loss! NUTRAMIN was shown to fuel the body to stimulate healthy bone mass retention and tissue strength. NUTRAMIN has been used daily by all of NASA's Astronauts ever since.

During this time, other scientific investigations were being done by Dr. Paul A. LaChance. Administering this clay to male rats, hamsters mice, miniature pigs, kangaroos and other mammals, over a period of time, also proved positively that normalization and re-calcification of bone density did occur, only when NUTRAMIN was administered.
Study after study, it has been documented and proven that NUTRAMIN is 100% effective! Why not apply this same clay, to millions of people and animals that suffer from many types of bone density loss or an inability to absorb other forms of calcium? This clay has high levels of calcium in a form that is “chelated” which allows the body to  absorb only the trace minerals and amounts that it actually needs.

In my profession the use of a calcium supplements in a large breed puppy is often thought to be dangerous. Some Animal Health Professionals believe that excess calcium may actually create excess bone growth with a bone malady being the end result. This will not happen with this product as the chelated calcium will only be absorbed and used, if the puppy’s bone growth dictates it.

Bone loss is very common with chronic kidney disease in people and animals. The kidney disease often causes the retention of phosphorus and as the body tries to maintain a 1 to1 or 1 to 2 ratio between calcium and phosphorus, the body automatically removes the calcium from the bones and ligaments. The high level of calcium contained in this NUTRAMIN will help stop this. Research facilities in Asia, have scientifically proven that this clay also causes elevated blood urea to be concentrated out of the blood and into the intestines which allows it to be excreted much quicker.

Dr. Howard E. Lind, has done a large number of successful studies showing the anti bacterial effects of NUTRAMIN plus it’s ability to neutralize toxins. These results are very important in people and animals that are sensitive to certain antibiotics. At the same time, this remarkable product will help neutralize toxins that may occur in our foods or the foods that we feed our animals. This is an important fact considering the large number of pet food and human food stuff recalls that seem to be increasing yearly.

Other health benefits that NUTRAMIN offers include; relief  from Acid Reflux and/or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, due to the high level of chelated calcium and the external use of this clay, as a paste, has a wonderful healing effect while adding micronutrients back into the outer layer of skin referred to as keratin.  Many world famous healers have use this product internally and externally for thousands of years. 

I have been in practice as a Veterinarian and animal health researcher for over 43 years of my life and I am totally sincere in my recommendation for this amazing trace mineral clay, NUTRAMIN. I have seen it in action first hand and have even used it personally.

We really do not know the extent of diseases that are caused by micronutrient deficiencies. My suggestion is that you try NUTRAMIN for your animal and see the difference for yourself.


Please visit the information link at www.healthypetnetwork.org/nutramin.htm  for more information.


Yours in Health,

Dr. Al Plechner and David Spangenburg



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