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Plechner's Syndrome/Cortisol/Estrogen 



By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

What is a gingival flare, and what does it indicate? Gingival flare is a syndrome that I have found that relates to a thin red line in the gum tissue where, it joins the enamel.

What does a gingival flare indicate? It indicates that Plechner's Syndrome is happening and this hormonal imbalance has caused a deficiency in all antibody production in the mucous membranes in the inner body, but is more easily visible in the mouth. This red line [gingival flare], indicating a deficiency in the mucous membranes of the body, is referred to as IgA deficiency. It may be present in as high as 70% of the cat population and 30% of the dog population.

If this deficiency occurs throughout the body, then where may the disease, impact areas occur? If you consider all the areas in the body, you can understand that disease may occur in many different places. The following list happens to be just a few areas where chronic disease may occur: dental problems, asthma, chronic runny eyes, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic kidney and bladder disease, chronic dermatitis and other skin lesions, food sensitivities, joint disease, auto- immunity and cancer. Chronicity of diseases is the hall mark of Plechner's Syndrome. Remember if the tested IgA level is low enough, proper hormone reinstatement cannot occur due to mal-absorption in the gut, and Plechner's Syndrome will continue.

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