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Plechner's Syndrome/Cortisol/Estrogen 



By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

The balance of good health comes from a proper balance of active cortisol from the middle layer of the adrenal cortex and the estrogen that is produced from the inner layer adrenal cortex.

When these two hormones are in a proper balance both the hormone producing system and the immune system regulate the effects of good health.

When an imbalance occurs, the immune system may not protect the body with their functions and can lose recognition of self tissue allowing for destruction of the host.

What are the factors that may cause an imbalance to occur?

1.Deficient or defective cortisol.

2.Estrogen ingested from foods called phytoestrogens.

    3.Estrogen ingested from plastics called xenoestrogens.

    4.Estrogen from medications.

    5.Estrogen from municipal or well water and water containing heavy metals.

If any of these factors may be causing the imbalance, it should not be too difficult to determine.

First of all, you can have you or your pet’s blood sampled and an endocrine- immune panel performed by your health care professional.

Information will be found on how to do this and where to send it at the or at

If there is an imbalance, information on correcting this imbalance will be available on both the above websites.

You also may want to check both these websites for an article, “Foods that contain natural estrogens.”

It might be wise to check with your municipal water district to see if they offer an estrogen analysis for their water. If not, it might be worthwhile to take a sample of municipal water and also a sample of  well water, if applicable and have a private laboratory check for estrogen. At the same time, particularly with well water, have the laboratory check for heavy metals which also may damage hormone production.

If there is any indication that the well water contains heavy metals, check with your health care specialists for both you and your pet because they may want samples of urine, serum and possible hair for analysis.

After the analysis is performed, if an estrogen dominance is still present, your health care specialist can change this imbalance through the use of hormone replacement to reinstate a normal balance between adrenal cortisol and estrogen. More information can be found under the “published works’ button at or under the library button at

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