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Plechner's Syndrome/Cortisol/Estrogen 


 Thoughts on elevated estrogen production in the body including estrogen
  sources through foods and the enviroment


By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.


Did you ever realize that overly high estrogen in males and females causes inflammation of the lining of all the arteries in the body. The lining cells that become inflamed are called endothelial cells. When this condition exists, one would expect some definite changes in the lining of arteries which may lead to number of problems for the patient.

Along with this, the elevated estrogen will deregulate the immune cells so that they will not protect the body, and will reduce antibody production. When this antibody reduction occurs, if the level is below 65 mg %, malabsorption will occur. This is a protective mechanism that will insure that nothing administered orally will reach the blood stream and the elevated estrogen levels will remain. This is a VICIOUS CYCLE.

So what might be the effects of this elevated estrogen?

It is a known fact that inflammation of cerebral arteries can not only cause migraine headaches but can also produce epileptic seizures in people and animals. I have documented this even though my profession has not. The human profession has documented this in woman, when they have their period. Their adrenal estrogen and estrogen containing foods make them “estrogen prominent” and when the ovaries provide more estrogen, they move into an “estrogen dominance” which may cause migraines, seizures and personality disorders.

What other problems can occur from this estrogen elevation?

With the inflammation of the lining of all arteries in the body, what about coronary occlusion? When this inflammation occurs, the clotting process can also occur along with fibrin lay down (clotting mechanism). This may be why arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis begin.

Further effects of the elevated estrogen not only binds active cortisol, but also binds the receptor sites for thyroid hormone which has an  adverse effect on the areas above the adrenal gland like the pituitary and the hypothalamus.

The high estrogen, due to the defect in the cortisol, cause the immune cells to no longer perform their function of protecting the body, causing these cells to lose recognition of self tissue and will make anti-antibodies to these tissues and possibly to their secretions.

 This should alert  you that with this imbalance, all auto-immunity can happen from auto-immune anemia and clotting problems to allergies, MS, MD, Epstein Barr, Fibromyalgia and uncontrolled tissue growth.

Did you realize that much of this estrogen imbalance comes from the inner layer adrenal cortex. This layer also produces the male hormone called androgen. This is often why many female dogs and cats demonstrate male behavior like “humping “ and “marking” their territory through urination. This is why female humans have excess facial hair. There is an enzyme in fatty tissue called aromatase that can turn this androgen into estrogen causing further problems.

What is not yet realized is that most of this excess estrogen is coming out of the adrenal cortex due to a cortisol imbalance.

Please look at my syndrome and you will better understand my findings.

In menstruating, a women’s estrogen levels are based on the phases of their ovulation cycles. What is not realized is that their levels of estrogen include the estrogen from the adrenal gland plus whatever estrogens come from food and the environment. To determine how much estrogen is coming out of the adrenal gland and not the ovaries is quite simple. Do a total estrogen in the woman at 7 days of her cycle. Repeat the total estrogen on her 28th day. This will give some idea as to how much estrogen is being produced by the adrenal gland and the ovaries.

It is also of mega -importance to find a laboratory that not only knows how to handle the specimen correctly but also knows how to accurately do the proper tests. So far, this has been a challenge.

 You can find a laboratory listed on my website that can perform this test accurately for both you and yourself.

Your only problem will be to find a healthcare professional that will restore the imbalance to proper levels, because to date, my findings are not being taught in any schools involving healthcare.


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