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Jogging/Running with our dogs

Running or jogging with your dog is an excellent form of exercise. If you do wish to run with your dog, the most important thing you want to be aware of is your dog’s safety. Here are a few safety tips that also apply to other forms of exercise, especially the more vigorous kinds: 

1) Don’t run when it’s hot or humid out. A dog with a thick fur coat, such as a Siberian husky, can get overheated rapidly in hot or even warm weather exercise conditions. Wait for cooler times of day such as early morning or later in the evening. 

2) Watch out for extremely cold weather. Northern breed dogs can handle extremely cold temperatures but dogs bred for milder conditions may have trouble. 

3) Make sure your dog gets plenty of water. Dogs lose a lot of water through panting. Proper hydration is essential to maintaining an optimum body temperature. A good trick to use if your dog is reluctant to drink is to pour some beef or chicken broth into the water. This is a technique Iditarod racers use to get their dogs to drink enough water. 

4) Always be aware of your surroundings. This includes other people, other dogs, small animals (important to be aware of if your dog has a high prey drive), and especially vehicles. If you are running alongside a road and your dog spots another dog on the other side and a car is coming, you need to be able to foresee any potential problems and be able to control your dog. 


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