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Exercising Your Dog.....

All dogs, large and small, need a certain amount of daily exercise. Like humans, dogs left to their own devices will not necessarily get enough exercise. Even if your dog spends most of the day in the yard, she is likely to need a daily walk or an exercise or play session. Developing the habit of daily exercise will also help your dog burn off energy she might otherwise spend in destructive behaviors like chewing or digging.

Walking or playing with your dog is also a good way to develop and maintain the bond between the two of you. This bond helps in maintaining discipline and preventing behavior problems. Exercise is especially important for dogs who have been diagnosed with certain health conditions, including diabetes and arthritis.

Puppies and young dogs, especially large breeds, should not be over exercised, however. Young dogs need time for their bones to finish growing before taking part in advanced physical training. Gentle play for very young pups helps develop their growing muscles, ligaments, and tendons. For the young dog, slower, sustained growth is better than pushing him to his limits.