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By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Please realize that the first three ingredients on the food label usually represents 90% of that diet.

Also realize that the longer the ingredient list, the worse the diet as good nutrition is not only simple but also healthy.

Beet pulp is an inexpensive roughage, as opposed to tomato pumice.

Which chemical additives should not be in the food? Try to avoid foods that contain BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin.  These chemicals may be added to protect the color of the food and antioxidants, but why?

Also realize that years ago, it was said that to feed your pets “left overs” from your meals, was a NO NO. Today, it may be to your pets advantage to eat High Quality left over food, as long as you are eating right.

Very lightly seasoned pasta, rice and white potatoes are usually of value as are meats and vegetables and fruit. Heavy seasoning will often  cause an upset stomach.

Did you realize that there are good byproducts and bad byproducts.

If only byproducts are listed on the label and not a detailed description of them, do not consider this food.

What is a good byproduct when listed? A listed good byproduct can be any organ meat that humans do not normally eat like kidneys, lungs, spleen, heart and  gizzard. These are all healthy food additions that we may not eat, but they are healthy for our pets.

What is a bad or questionable byproduct? These can be feet, ears wattles, feathers, horns or skin.

Beware of chicken or beef meal  because if their origin is not identified, than do not consider the food for your pet.

Many years ago I did a nightly news program that featured a meaty beef diet of which beef was the fifth ingredient on the label. What they didnt realize was that if beef was the fifth or sixth ingredient on the label then the bull must have walked by and waved, since there was very little beef in this diet.

Hopefully this will give you some insight to selecting a healthy diet for your pet.

You may then ask, “who am I to make these suggestions”?

I am the veterinarian that created the first commercial nonmeat diet in this country including the first lamb and rice, and the first to create cat food with taurine to help avoid enlarged hearts in cats called cardiomyopathy.

I also created the limited antigen diets of duck and potato, venison and potato, rabbit and potato, and fish and potato. My diets have been copied by many however you need to be aware of the fact when some of the ingredients are replaced, many times the new ingredient will be higher in estrogen than the original ingredient which definitely can cause that patient further problems.

Hopefully I know a little bit about diet, but I definitely do not know it all. I really would appreciate you making comments on this website so I can also learn from you.

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