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Below are a some wonderful sites relating to pet rescue, animal wildlife rescue, pet sanctuaries,
  pet help in many forms, ect.

We at BrightHaven save senior, disabled and unwanted animals and we need your help. We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and ask that you please share this


Badger Run Wildlife Rehab.....Badger Run Wildlife Rehab is a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the care and treatment of injured and orphaned wildlife. We strive to return these creatures back to the wild, where they belong.


  Pet Guardian Angels of America, a national pet rescue and adoption assistance service also     offering general and health related articles and resources for all types of pets.


Martha Norwalk's Animal World.....Meet Martha Norwalk Animal Behaviorist and "Animal World" host. Listen live on KKNW 1150 AM Sundays 9am - 12:00pm. ANIMAL WORLD PRODUCTIONS, INC. 4012 41st Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105 • (206) 525-2016 • Fax (206) 525-2072

Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue .....Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue is an independent rescue that follows the Best Practice Guidelines and Standards as set forth by the Bichon Frise Club of America.  Robin Gray Suffolk, VA 23438 757-986-BARK

Country Acres Rescue.....The mission of Country Acres Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, socialize and place homeless, abused, and/or neglected dogs and cats in the metropolitan St. Louis area while focusing community attention on their plight.

Animal Rescue Forums.....Animal Rescue Forums was created for one reason, and one reason only, to save the lives of animals. Our goal is to provide an area where animal lovers can effectively communicate with one another to spare the lives of helpless needy animals. We are hopeful that our community will allow rescue groups, and all members, to find information, aid, and assistance easily when the time calls for action. We look forward to having you and meeting each and every one of you on the forums.




Veterinary Clinics

Manhattan Cat Specialists.....Manhattan Cat Specialists is a full-service, feline-exclusive veterinary facility located on the Upper West Side of   New York City. It was founded by Dr. Arnold Plotnick, a board certified small animal internist and feline specialist.  Dr. Plotnick, while employed as Vice President of the ASPCA, conceived of the idea opening a feline-exclusive veterinary facility in late 2001, shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center. 








  Pet Products

Wireless Dog Fence.....We believe that every dog should have as much outside freedom as possible regardless of   the size of its owner’s yard. We pride ourselves on giving pet owners peace of mind by providing a wide variety of options for all sizes of dogs.

How to Find Pet Insurance that Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

Pet Plus.....Nature Knows Best

Shari's Quest.....Shari Seymour creates award-winning paintings from photographs since 1974. She's known for her commissioned animal artwork which captures the personality of pets and touches the hearts of animal lovers throughout Canada and the United States. Plus so much more......

Tammy and Teddy's.....Tammy and Teddy's creates custom fitted boots for both healthy dogs and dogs with degenerative diseases (Degenerative Myelopathy, Spondylosis, Arthritis or other clinical problems leading to paralysis of the spine). These boots are durable, usable in all weather, and provide superior protection for your dog's paws.

Tammy and Teddy's Foot & Paw Protection


Tick Control for dogs The best natural flea repellant and tick prevention for dogs can be found at VetGuard. Visit to learn all about the best natural flea remedies for dogs and also find natural mosquito repellent. Learn about mosquito control today.


Healthy Dog Treat It's great to see dog treats and hypoallergenic dog treats available at such great pricing online at where you can find organic dog biscuits and gourmet dog treats at wholesale pricing and more! Learn today.








  Dog and Cat Grooming 


Hot Paws Spa Boutique.....Welcome to Hot Paws Pet Spa and Boutique. The downtown salon for your uptown pets. We offer full service dog and
 cat grooming for all breeds and any size.






  Pet supplies and accessories!


Dog Doors.....Most deluxe dog doors come in different styles, sizes, colors and advanced features. Nothing is too less or too much for us because we guarantee cheap dog doors for any pet size.

Pet Gates.....At Pet Gates 4 Less we offer a great selection of wood pet gates at the Lowest Prices. For the benefit of every pet owner, we have extensive range of pet gates for owners to choose from.

Dog Car Seats.....Dog car seat is another state-of-the-art product from the makers of high quality pet products in town. Dog car seat is actually one of the most important tools that any dog owners will desire. Dog car seat is the most convenient way to bring your pet in any trip.

Pet Beds.....We are the reliable partner when it comes to affordable and quality pet bed supplies!


Petsafe .....Here at Pet Collar 4Less, customers will find the perfect pet collar that can match any dog and fit any budget.



   Pet miscellaneous photos, funnies, and information.


Shari's Quest.....Shari's love for animals extends into horse and dog wellness. She illustrated and co-authored a book on canine massage and illustrated an equine massage book each with world-wide sales. Shari built an indoor, salt water swimming pool for dogs which is used for canine water therapy.


Pet Transport Service that offers Private Pet Transports for how to ship a dogand how to ship a cat offering door to door Pet relocation services, andPet Shipping Services for your pet transport.Visit our Pet Directory.



Other sites that we promote


TMGold Software.....GRAND OPENING Sale 50% off all products!!! Are you looking for the latest in top quality, niche specific Software, E-Books, and Video Software? All products are downloadable.

My Baroque Jewelry By Sasha.....My Baroque Jewelry is an online jewelry store featuring, fashion, birthstone, and unique baroque jewelry creations. From pendants, earrings, and bracelets to unusual key chains and more, we offer beautiful contemporary fine gemstone jewelry that showcases your individuality and unique personality.








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