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By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Euthanasia happens to be a very hard thing for most healers to do, but with our animals we still must consider this procedure, as it helps our pets from suffering for no reason.

I am glad that I have the right to make this decision. For the most part, human health care healers do not have this right at this time in history.

The hardest thing for a pet owner to decide is when the pet should be put to sleep. They need to rely on their veterinarian for guidance.

What I tell my pet owners is to be aware of when their pet goes from living to existing. I do not believe any of us would want to exist in bed or in a position of being helpless while not being able to control our excrement. This is no way to live. Life is precious but not at this point if there is no hope.

Finally, you need to realize that staying with your animal to the very end often times does not help your animal with their transition.

Your poor animal will pick up your sorrow which makes it worse for them since they will not understand your sorrow. For their benefit, have your veterinarian give a large amount of tranquillizer so that in a short period of time your pet will not experience your grief.

I personally will have people spend time with their pet until their pet is tranquillized and leave for the final injection of an anesthetic over dose. I would rather have the owners remember their pet as he or she was and move on.

There you have Dr. Plechner’s thoughts.

  I hope this article will give you the understanding you need to help both your
  pet and yourself.

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