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  FIV and HIV

By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

The cats and humans that suffer from viruses [retroviruses], like HIV, FIV, FIP and FELV, all have a hormonal-antibody deficiency caused by the Plechner Syndrome. The severity of this imbalance will determine if the feline or human will remain merely positive or whether the imbalance will allow for the actual development of the disease. So far, my studies in cats and humans, show there is an active cortisol imbalance, which allows for an elevated total estrogen, which not only invalidates thyroid hormones, but allows for the deregulation of the immune system. The one immune cell that protects the body of the cat and human against viruses, no longer will fulfill its function, and if exposure occurs to one of these viruses, the severity of Plechner's Syndrome will determine if the patient merely becomes positive for the virus or actually develops the disease.

To read more about this, please continue to read through the library. My book "Pets at Risk" will give you insight and treatment for your cat with FIV, FIP or FELV. My Compendium, entitled Endocrine-Immune Mechanisms in Animals and Human Health Implications, will provide more information for those humans that are HIV positive or have developed AIDs. By correcting Plechner's Syndrome when the patient is only positive for FIV, HIV, FIP or FELV, there is a good opportunity to avoid the actual disease.

Remember that these blood tests need to be handled correctly and only sent to a laboratory, qualified to do these tests. You will find this information on the home page under labs, for both you and your cat.

Please know that I will be happy to make suggestions to your healthcare professional, whether for you or your cat.

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