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By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Does your dog or cat have persistent bladder infections? Are the antibiotics, urine cultures and special diets not working? You may want to read about Plechner's Syndrome. With this hormone antibody imbalance, your pet may not be able to fight off this chronic disease. It is important to identify this syndrome, get it corrected and watch the medical effect reverse itself.

If you look at the top and bottom of their teeth, where the gum joins the enamel, in 70% of the patients, especially cats, there will be a red line called gingival flare, especially in cats. When a bladder infection has been identified in a cat with a gingival flare, this may be a further indication of Plechner's Syndrome. The red line indicates a deficiency in the mucous membrane antibody, due to this hormonal antibody imbalance. Often the lining of the bladder will be red, like the gingival flare, and antibiotic therapy alone may not be enough.

To learn more about this imbalance imbalance in bladder infections in your pets please contact HPN. This will provide you with more information for you and your pet who may be suffering from chronic bladder infections.

Again, I will be more than happy to make suggestions for you and your pet, to your healthcare professional.

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