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  Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Have you ever wondered why certain cats develop catastrophic diseases while others do not develop these same diseases?

Once identified, death should never be the answer even though present day research has no idea what the cause of the disease is.

Have you ever wondered why some cats develop this syndrome, and others do not. You are often told that FIV is contagious and you need to watch your other cats to make sure they will not contract the disease.

Realistically is this virus really contagious? It definitely is not contagious to the cats that have normal hormone immune regulation. Those cats that do not have normal levels will respond in an abnormal manner which will allow the virus to destroy the patient.

Once the hormone antibody imbalance is identified and controlled, 70 % of all infected patients can live a normal life as long as their hormone deficiencies and balances have returned to normal.

All cats that live with a cat that has the actual disease, should be tested. If they test positive, you can do my test to determine if the cat has normal hormone antibody levels in which FIV will not develop. If the cat has this imbalance then it needs to be corrected immediately.

If a cat is positive for FIV but the hormone immune balance is correct, the cat may still be a carrier of the virus and should be contained to the home to prevent further exposure of the virus to other deregulated cats that could develop FIV.

Our website is available for recommendations of proper testing and correct replacement therapy to allow 70 % of these effected patients to live a normal life and reach those years of old age.


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