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According to the American Cancer Society, there were an estimated 12,332,300  new cases of Cancer globally in 2007. Therefore it isn’t unusual that in that same year 14% of our country’s gross national product was spent on healthcare. Another frightening fact is that one in eight deaths worldwide, is due to cancer.

We have all heard the statistics. Cancer is one of the most dreaded causes of death in the modern world. However, quite a few of you don’t really understand why cancer occurs. We do know that Cancer occurs due to an unidentified tissue growth but what causes this uncontrolled tissue growth?

43 years of clinical research has shown me that a hormonal imbalance causes the immune system to become deregulated. Once the immune system loses control excessive tissue growth can soon follow.

Even though it is a proven fact that this imbalance can cause cancer.  There has been very little recognition of this imbalance by the corporate medical establishment. It seems far more interested in treating it’s effect. Maybe that’s why 14% of our country’s gross national product was spent on healthcare in 2007. Cancer treatment is big business.

Why is this hormonal imbalance happening much more frequently? Some cases are due to genetic inheritance. However, there are many PREVENTABLE reasons such as; stress, the excessive ingestion of medications containing certain hormones, medical procedures that disrupt the balance between active cortisol & total estrogen hormones, consuming foods & water that contain increased estrogen and other hormones that can be harmful in excessive amounts and even using certain plastics that may have excessive hormonal levels.

It is very easy to identify this imbalance in your pet before the cancer has taken effect. Even if the cancer has already taken effect, identifying this imbalance affords you the ability to control and even stop it’s rate of growth.

My clinical research has allowed me to create a simple blood test to determine it’s presence and (if necessary) prescribe a simple but effective treatment protocol necessary to bring it back into balance. The Healthy Pet Network, can provide you access to this blood test and our medical library can show you how to use these results to deal with a number of possible health problems.

Once you determine the health of your pets immune system you’ll be able to act more proactively as far as their health is concerned allowing your pet to live a longer more healthier and happier life. It’s a basic case of cause and effect. It is much more effective to identify and deal with the CAUSE before it becomes an EFFECT.

The health information and education that HPN provides free to it’s members can help you take the steps necessary to make positive changes not only in your pet’s health but also in your whole family’s. If you have any further questions or concerns. Please contact us. It is our mission, to bring better health to both you and your pet.


Yours in Health,

Dr. AL Plechner


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