HPN Announcements

Make sure and check daily announcements

HPN Announcements


  Make sure and check our daily announcements frequently!

Martha Norwalk's Animal World, Radio Show on July 4th from 9am to 12pm. Use this link to listen to Dr. Plechner as a guest speaker on her show.






Pet Loss Support Hotlines
Lost Pet Hotlines
Poison Control Hotlines

Animal Behavior Hotlines
Veterinary Helplines
Pet Information Helplines
Pet health insurance companies



  HPN’s International Marketplace


The Healthy Pet Network’s Store is officially open to pet lovers from all over the world and all walks of life. Our shelves are filled with the best of what is currently available:


Ÿ Naturally made Pet Foods from Artemis and Flint River Ranch.

Ÿ Holistically Sound Supplements from U.S. Animal of Vermont

Ÿ Medicinals for your pet’s eye, ear, and dental needs.

Ÿ Tasty pet chews and entertaining and educational animal eBooks.


As a special thank you from the Healthy Pet Network Team, we’ll take 20% OFF ALL VITAMINS/SUPPLEMENTS, purchased during our Grand Opening Special (till the end of March!) Buy with confidence, everything has been “Plechner Approved” for your pet’s health and safety. 





This July, celebrate Independence and your pets health!  20% OFF all our supplements, INCLUDING NUTRAMIN! Trial offer of 20% off ALL Nutramin products and sizes in July.



Nutramin Supplements NUTRAMIN- 100% natural and organic supplements for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds These remarkable and affordable supplements; strengthen the Immune System, increase energy and stamina and aid digestion and metabolism. They also remove harmful parasites and toxins that endanger your pet‘s health and shorten their lives. AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY at the Healthy Pet Marketplace!





Pets At RiskThe latest printing of Dr. Al Plechner's book "Pets At Risk" is available NOW, through the Healthy Pet Network Marketplace! This magnificent book should be in every Pet Lover's home. It's a Must Read, Must Have book which has easy, step by step answers to healing chronic illnesses in cats and dogs. From Allergies to Cancer, Remedies for an   Unsuspected Epidemic!


 This is a Must Read - Must Have Book