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Your Guide to Whole and Complete Pet Health

This book will establish an excellent foundation
in pet health and pet
care practices which will enable pet owners to be in control of their pets health and keep their beloved pet healthy and long lived.











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 Michael and Terry Goldman

The Healthy Pet Network is an interactive, online community, of animal care givers, animal advocates, animal lovers, health care professionals and experts in related fields who believe that proactive care, preventative practice and innovative techniques will lead the way to the future of Whole & Complete Animal Health. Our common goal is to provide the very best health for both our beloved pets and ourselves.   

We will accomplish this goal by providing a steady stream of cutting edge information regarding health and longevity for people and pets. Along with our dear friend and HPN consultant, globally renowned Dr Alfred Plechner DVM, we provide education, information, products and services which promote and enhance “Whole & Complete Animal Health”.  

Our guiding principles are integrity, fairness and compassion. We are driven by an unconditional love and deep respect for animals and concern for their conditions. We support “outside of the box” innovation and are firm believers in challenging the status quo to be far better than it already is.

Success would mean nothing to us if we were not able to contribute back to our environment. Our Dream is to develop an animal sanctuary in the mountains. This will be to provide a home, food, medical attention and love for homeless or injured animals. A portion of all we earn goes to this mission.

The Healthy Pet Network was founded by Terry & Michael Goldman with the help of a very talented and committed cast of characters.

Terry & Michael Goldman are successful internet entrepreneurs with a presence online for over 10 years as the driving force behind several varied and prosperous commercial business sites. Though we strive for success, we remain character based, and devoted to the principles of integrity and honesty. We are determined to provide the highest quality products and services and to deliver excellence in everything we do, especially customer service.

They started as a team with a common set of beliefs and clarity of purpose: To Make a Difference in the lives of both people and animals.

Terry is a very successful website designer and internet specialist. She was a senior copier technician for 25 years and her masterful technical skills made for a natural transition into website design and E-Commerce.

Michael began his professional career as a high school teacher and coach with a passion for mentoring and training.  These talents were further enhanced when career opportunities lead him away from teaching into the world of business.

They have a wonderful family of three children and five grandchildren.

Their love and passion for animals is why they make a difference. Currently, they care for a family of canines, felines and a colony of feral cats that they love dearly. The colony is unique in that it is made up mainly of rare Scottish folds. Their passion and quest for an animal sanctuary will enable them to have more room and better facilities, so they can provide forever homes to help many more animals in need.


The Healthy Pet Network works closely with the many online and offline animal groups to build an alliance for the future of whole & complete animal health.