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 Introduction to The Healthy Pet Network 



The Healthy Pet Network is an online community of animal care givers, animal advocates, animal lovers, health care professionals and experts in related fields who believe that proactive care, preventative practice and innovative techniques will lead the way to the future of “Whole & Complete Animal Health.”  


Our mission and primary focus is the creation of an interactive, online community with a Network of Information, Education, Services and Products to promote and enhance the very best health & longevity for both our pets and ourselves.


Our focus will always be animals and Pet Health but with our extensive background in the field of health & fitness, it is natural to also make contributions for people.


Our reason WHY, our passion, is making a difference in the lives of animals and people. Our guiding principles are integrity, fairness and compassion. We are driven by an unconditional love and deep respect for animals and concern for their conditions. We support “outside of the box” innovation and are firm believers in challenging the status quo to be far better than it already is.


Even though you will find plenty of activity and information here on the main site, including our extensive Library, Market Place Store and much more, our primary avenue for disseminating this precious health information will be through our blog at It is here where people will gather to stay abreast of the latest information, tips, stories, resources and news.


We provide a steady stream of cutting edge information on health for people and pets, complimented by the availability of the very best nutritional supplements that together will synergistically go hand in hand to build a strong healthy foundation


The products we offer were carefully chosen and represent the very best on the market and are of the highest quality at affordable prices.


Our extensive affiliations with professionals in the field of health & wellness and throughout the global marketplace, provide us direct access to quality, state of the art information, products and services.


World renowned Veterinarian, Dr Alfred J Plechner, shares our vision. He is a dear friend and acts as a consultant for the Healthy Pet Network. Our testimonial pages are filled with testimonials about the good doctor and the wonderful things he has done for many different species of animals.


Please join us in the good fight for your beloved pets good health. If we can ever be of any service, do not hesitate to ask.


So relax and make yourself at home and please come back often to visit. 


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 Does Death Have To Be The Only Answer?



Each and every day, large numbers of pets become seriously ill and even die before their time because of hidden hormonal imbalances that deregulate their immune systems, disable their natural protection against illness, weaken their good health and shorten their normal life spans. Many of these beloved pets are considered "end of the line animals" by puzzled Vets who have told their owners that euthanasia is the only humane option left.


Does death have to be the only answer?


                                                                                    Bubba's Story           bubba playing        bubba

                                                 Please read Bubba's testimonal as to why death is not the only answer!  



What if there was another way? What if someone developed a simple treatment, successfully proven time and time again, to save these "end of the line" animals? Allowing them to live long, healthy, productive lives? What if this simple treatment protocol was actually available to prevent these catastrophic illnesses and untimely deaths?


During the course of over 40 years of practice and clinical research, Dr. Alfred Plechner has discovered a dangerous and extremely lethal syndrome in many of the animals he has treated. It involves a defect in the middle layer of the adrenal glands. This defect causes a major immune system imbalance by creating a decrease in the production of cortisol hormone (stress and infection fighter) while at the same time causing the currently present cortisol hormones to become inactive. This ‘Plechner Syndrome’ also causes an increase in the production of estrogen which binds the receptors and limit’s the availability of thyroid hormone, leading to a dangerously imbalanced immune system.


To combat this potentially lethal syndrome he has developed the “Plechner Protocol’ which consists of a ‘hormonal specific’ diagnostic blood test to determine the nature of the imbalance and a treatment protocol using physiological (low dosage) injections and/or oral dosing of hormonal replacement supplements to regulate and maintain the proper balance. Once the endocrine system is back in balance, the immune system kicks in and all the disease symptoms disappear.


His successful treatment program has helped well over 150,000 dogs, cats, horses and people. These were patients, not only at his animal hospital, but in healthcare facilities throughout the world. The Plechner Protocol has also shown a very pronounced effect on not only treatment of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)( feline equivalent of HIV), but also Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and Feline Leukemia (FELV). These cats were all clinically ill and positive for their specific virus. Cats with FIV and FIP achieve a 70 % recovery, while cats with FELV have an 85 % recovery if proper hormone therapy has been applied. The human health care potential of the protocol has also been proven numerous times.